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We are Never Alone

Surviving life's detours and embracing unexpected blessings.

For this week's inspired message I was reminded that we are never alone on this journey we call life. Transition and change are a constant theme that we all experience daily. Some changes can be exciting and thrilling, like driving home from the hospital with a newborn baby, retiring from a fulfilling career, or moving into a new home. Other changes, such as the loss of a job, a car accident, or even the death of a close family member or friend, can be well, unexpected and devastating.

While we may not always understand why certain things happen the way they do, we are reminded that no matter what the change we may be experiencing, we are always loved and supported by the grace of God.

Often times we associate change with positive and negative attributes, but what if we shifted our perspective and saw change as the power of God working in our lives, propelling us forward into uncharted territory but also carrying us through the most difficult of circumstances. What if, dare I say it, we began to embrace change.

Instead of seeing the "detour" signs as obstacles, maybe these very signs are God and the Angels working miracles in our lives, protecting us from unknown threats and providing safe passage to the next golden field of opportunity.

I know energetically, sometimes change can show itself like a powerful tornado, tearing down our foundations and sometimes shaking us to our core, challenging our beliefs and what we thought to be true. These times of great change and perhaps great growth, are indeed when I believe we are supported most by God.

The expression of God may show itself in the form of close friends and family who rally around us and lend their support or a listening ear. God's presence can also be seen and felt in every day miracles and synchronicities, those magical moments when things just seem to fall into place and the right people come into our lives at the perfect moment. These are sure signs that God is working in our lives, behind the scenes, in such powerful and beautiful ways, bigger and better than we could ever imagine.

When we surrender our need to control outcomes and give the wheel, so to speak, to God, I believe we align ourselves with the spark of creation and the magic of possibility. It is these powerful moments of synchronicity and answered prayers, although unanswered prayers can speak just as loudly, that we find the hand of God working in our lives, striving to lift us up in moments of despair and gently guide us through times of uncertainty.

I have also found these simple words from the Serenity Prayer to be incredibly powerful and healing: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

No matter where you are in your journey today, please know that you are always loved and supported by God and the Angels. Don't worry about the doors that close or refuse to open, but rather, shift your attention to finding the hidden staircase that leads to a beautiful roof deck with a magnificent garden and breathtaking view, one you never knew existed. Sometimes the hidden staircase we find, at just the right moment, leads to self-discovery, blossoming abundance, and unexpected blessings.

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