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4 Signs Angels are Near

Angel communication

Ever since I was a little girl I can remember seeing Angel lights dancing around my bedroom at night. After my parents would tuck me in with a goodnight kiss the Angel lights would dance around my bedroom ceiling, lulling me to sleep. At the time I had no idea what these beautiful lights were, but looking back, I've come to understand that these loving guides were my Angel friends looking after me from the other-side. Indeed, it seems, our Angels are always near, quietly -- and sometimes not so quietly -- supporting us from the other-side.

At this point, you may be thinking, "Hmm, I wonder if I've seen an Angel?" Or perhaps, you're wondering, "Hey, how can I work with my Angels?"

The best part about working with Angels is that you don't have to be "special" or "saintly" although I'm sure you're both, but just in case you're not so sure, all you have to do is be yourself. We all have a guardian Angel, one who has been assigned to work with us for life. And if you take the time to get to know your Angels, you might be surprised to discover there's no problem too big or too small, they are always willing to help. All you have to do is ask.

If you would like to get to know your Angels, here are five simple ways you can begin to recognize their loving presence in your life. And although these signs may be subtle, like a gentle whisper in your ear or a tug at your heart, if you start to pay attention Angels will begin to show themselves to you in exciting and unexpected ways. The more you ask and listen, the more you'll see your Angels are happy to answer your call and help you any way they can.

Here are just some of the simple ways your Angels may show themselves to you, letting you know they're listening and supporting you on every step of your journey.

1. Angel Lights: Do you see unexplainable lights when you walk into a room or even outside? These dancing lights that look like little lightning bugs can be a sign your Angels and guides are near. If you soften your eyes you can see these lights in nature and sometimes around people. The color of the lights may vary depending on which Angels are near.

2. Angel Feathers: Do you find feathers on your path, just when you need encouragement? The angels will often use feathers and other winged creatures such as butterflies, dragonflies, and birds to let you know they are near. Just today, when I was writing this blog I took a short break and went for a walk outside. As I was walking I watched a feather fall from the sky, with no bird in sight, and land near my foot. I smiled feeling the warm and reassuring presence of my Angels.

3. Angel Numbers: Do you wake up at the same time every night? Do you see repeating number patters on the clock, license plates, or even receipts from the store? This can be another way Angels are saying hello to you. Some common Angel numbers include "444", meaning thousands of Angels are surrounding you now. Seeing "111" can be a reminder to watch your thoughts and stay positive, Angels are helping you to manifest positive changes in your life.

4. Angel Intervention: Have you ever wondered if you've seen an Angel or been helped by an Angel? Was there ever a time in your life when someone physically appeared, perhaps out of nowhere, and helped you? You may indeed have been helped by an Angel. I can recall an evening I was lost in an unfamiliar town and a young man appeared out of no where, offering to give me assistance and directions to find my way home. In that moment, I felt he was an Angel helping me to get home safely. I also have a close friend who said she physically saw an Angel appear -- wings and all -- at a crossroads in her life. The manifestation of this Angel gave her the courage to keep going, as she felt reassured life would get better.

Now, if, after reading this short list, you're scratching your head because you answered "yes" to one or all of these signs -- Congratulations! Your Angels are working with you!

And well, if, on the other-hand, you find yourself reading this list and scratching your head wondering, "Gee, what's wrong with me? Nothing cool like this has ever happened to me?" Not to worry. You can get to know your Angels right now. All you have to do is invite them into your life and ask them to start showing themselves to you. And once you do, buckle-up and start paying attention. Your Angels are ready and willing to support you in all aspects of you life, making the impossible possible and miracles happen.

Rev. Lori Sheridan is a professional psychic medium who has dedicated her life to serving Spirit and helping others make healing connections through mediumship. As an evidential medium Lori strives to bridge the gap between this world and the next with integrity, clarity, and compassion. She is the founder of Hope Ethereal, a spiritual center in Massachusetts where she enjoys seeing clients and teaching psychic development and mediumship. She believes love, like life, is eternal. Learn more at>

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