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Live Your Joy

I asked the Angels for some inspiration for the week ahead and pulled the card "Live Your Joy" courtesy of the Kyle Gray Angel Prayers Oracle Cards deck.

Simply put, the Angels remind us to look for small things we can do every day to make our heart smile. The more we love, the more we laugh, the more we share in kindness, the more joy we experience.

If you are feeling lost and wondering what your purpose is in life, stop stressing and start listening to the joy within your heart. What do you love to do? How does your light shine? How can you be of service? By following the joy in your heart you begin to live and express this joy in every aspect of your life.

If you've been feeling down or perhaps experiencing grief, the Angels encourage you to find a few moments throughout your day to nurture yourself and connect with their loving presence. Please give yourself permission to feel whatever is in your heart, but also take a few moments to show yourself kindness and perhaps reflect on past memories that brought you joy. For me, when I'm feeling down, spending time with my family, going for walks in the woods, and even getting an ice cream cone all seem to lift my spirit and remind me how blessed I am.

Taking time to meditate and pray also helps me to center and ground myself, reconnecting to what's important and perhaps helping me to see my joy. We can also ask God and the Angels to help us work through sadness and lift our spirit by shifting our perspective, helping us to see the bright side and the silver lining of the most difficult situations, and perhaps even to embrace hope for a brighter tomorrow.

It's true our thoughts and actions help to shape our reality. And one of our greatest gifts as spiritual beings having a human experience is the opportunity to co-create our lives, expressing our joy working with God in all that we do. Please trust that you are never alone on this journey. And do remember that joy can be found everywhere if we choose to see it.

One of my good friends Marsha Johnson has been documenting the "joy" in her life for the past year and she has seen "joy" every single day since she set the conscious intention to look for it. Imagine what "joy" you might find in your own life if you began to look for it daily. Imagine how your life might change. The more we acknowledge the blessings, the more we receive. The more we express our joy, and spend time with positive people and situations that nurture our happiness, the more we begin to live it.

Thank you God and the Angels for supporting us every day, in every way, and helping us to find joy, happiness, and laughter along the way. May you find your joy today and celebrate the magic in every moment.

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