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Prepare for your Session

Tips for a positive experience

I’m often asked how to prepare for a psychic medium session. Here are some simple suggestions for a positive experience.


Keep an open mind: Please let the session unfold naturally. The spirit world knows what they are doing. There may be one particular person who has crossed over that you would like to connect with. I always ask clients to be patient, as sometimes other loved ones might step through the door first and say hello. Please honor whoever shows up for your session as they are there because they love you, and often have something important to share. They may also help to open the door for the loved one you are hoping to hear from. So again, please be patient, trust in the process, and keep an open mind, allowing the spirit world to drive the session.  

We work together: I always tell clients that we work together in a session. I will share evidence from your loved ones as I see them, hear them, and feel them. I will check-in with you throughout the session for validation of what I’m getting. Working together, I will ask for your feedback of “yes,” “no,” or “I don’t understand.” Your feedback will help to ensure a positive experience and bring powerful validations that your loved ones live on.

Simple things may be big things: Again, on the concept of an open mind, different aspects of your loved ones life may be shared in a session such as a name, how they passed, hobbies, interests, and of course a message of love, healing, and upliftment. Some things may seem trivial to you but are just part of the process of them sharing their life with me, as I relay their messages. I don’t always understand everything I receive but I do my best to give what I’m getting, as often those little things can be powerful pieces of validation that may have special meaning for you.

You may ask questions: I like to let the session begin naturally with a brief prayer in the beginning, as I quietly take a few moments to tune into you and your loved ones in spirit.  Once the session starts you are welcome to ask questions. That said, I encourage you to wait for natural pauses and I will often invite you to ask questions as well. If you have questions of a psychic nature, taking a look at relationships, work, spirituality, and life purpose, you are welcome to ask those as well. For psychic readings I may use tarot and angel cards for additional guidance and information. For questions regarding health, I recommend seeking the guidance of a licensed medical professional.

Individual vs. group sessions: For the most focused healing during a session, I recommend scheduling an individual private session. That said, small groups with just family members can be incredibly healing as well. I am also available for larger group sessions but in those settings readings are not always guaranteed, and the length of the message will vary although the intention for healing and validation is always present. From time to time I also offer small group sessions of up to 6 people. In those sessions everyone receives a message, although the length of the message may vary based on the group and who steps forward from the spirit world. For public group readings please visit the events page.


In setting expectations, please keep an open mind, allow the session to unfold naturally, and recognize this is a 3-way connection between you, me, and your loved ones in the spirit world. I will do my absolute best to be of service and to relay uplifting messages of love and comfort from the other side. Although I cannot guarantee a specific loved one will come through during a session, I have found that most of the time your loved ones are just as eager to greet you as you are to hear from them.  

And while it’s true that our loved ones can come through quite quickly after they have passed, it is my experience that waiting three months before booking a session after a significant loss is ideal, as it also allows time for healing as you begin to process the emotions of grief.

It is my utmost hope to share healing messages with clarity and compassion during a session. I thank you for your time and look forward to working with you in the future!

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