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My children and I had a private reading with Lori and it was nothing short of a miracle. I lost my husband and she had him come through. He gave messages to each and everyone of us. My kids and I felt like we had a night out with daddy. It was a true gift one we are so blessed have gotten. Lori is a true angel. Thank you will never be enough.

Maryellen Burchard

Canton, MA

Hello there, Lori! Thank you for a beautiful reading.  You being able to connect with my ex has brought me peace. You are truly amazing! Thank you!

Maureen M.

Kingston, MA

Lori I want to thank so much for our reading. My husband left there so happy and smiling, what a gift you were born with. You really helped him with the passing of his brother. You truly hit everything about him. Again thank you so much you truly are gifted.

Tracey M.

Norwell, MA

Hi Lori, Thank you for your help, I really needed to hear from my best friend/mother. I didn't realize until I left that wonderful time with you that I felt happy, It's been a while. Not only were you spot on but we really had a great time. Not only will I be back but I will be bringing everybody I know. I'm confident they will have a great time also. I'm off to give life a chance again. Thank you.

John Boland

Brockton, MA

Hello! Not sure if you remember me but I had a reading with you on Aug 3rd and we spoke about my grandparents, my miscarriage, and my future. After speaking more with my dad (who's parents are the grandparents that came through) he cleared up the two things I wasn't sure of...


You asked if my uncle had any medical issues recently--he did! He had surgery last year for his prostate.


You also brought my Nana saying something about a brother like figure of hers passing away young and also mentioned if I knew anything about a Robert or Richard? Well my dad confirmed she did have a brother who died at the age of 10 and his name was Bobby  (hence where the Robert name may be coming from?!)


Last but not least, you were pretty confident in my reading I would be pregnant very soon and at the time of the reading, I told you it was too early at that time to take a pregnancy test. And you asked me to email you when I found out and guess what I found out as of yesterday...I'M PREGNANT!!!!! :))


Thank you again for such an amazing reading a few weeks ago. You are truly an angel and you have given me so much comfort and guidance towards my future. Thanks again!!

Kelly H.

Norwell, MA

Hi Lori, I meant to thank you again. You really got the true essence of my deceased husband, he truly was one of those rare and special people you find in life that are so good. I miss him so much. I love connecting to him. Hope to see you again soon.

Nancy D.

Hull, MA

I just want to thank you so much for our time together last Monday.My daughters and I all felt like we had visited with my sweet Mom. We were comforted and stunned by your accuracy. Our visit was confirmation of Mom's loving presence in our lives. You truly have a gift. Thank you so much.

Sue W.

Plymouth, MA

Lori, Had to drop you a line of thanks for an awesome session I had with you. It brought about a lot more clarity and understanding regarding the tragic deaths in my family. I had a lot of questions and your session helped answer many of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Cheryl D.

Plymouth, MA

I had the BEST, most spot on reading from Lori Sheridan that I've received from any other medium! I almost fell off my chair, everything you said resonated specifically to me!

Justine S.

Hello from Heaven event feedback

Dear Lori, I can't say enough, thank you! Sharing your gift with others so they can connect with their loved ones is generous, kind, and amazing. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.

Kathy R.

Norwell, MA

Thank you so much for yesterday!  It was an amazing experience.  I am so glad I recorded it because I listened to it again and it was awesome!  Connecting with my Dad and Michael and my Mom was beautiful.  Thank you for making me laugh and for just making the experience beautiful.  Thank you again!

Betsy G.

Framingham, MA

Hi Lori, I hope all is well for you. I don't think you would remember me.  I had seen you a few times 3 years ago. First of all I want to thank you for the help you gave me, you helped through a very dark time in my life.  So many of your predictions came to true.  Many times I remembered our conversations and they helped me through some hard times. My experience changed who I am.  It is almost like the yin and yang, the worst thing to ever happen to me was the best thing to ever happen to me at the same time. Best wishes.

Tim T.

Easton, MA

Hi Lori, I just wanted to thank you for such an incredible experience with you on Saturday.  You have such an amazing gift to share and I am so grateful that I was able to spend time with you and be able to hear from my mom again.  It means more to me than you know.  I'm sure I will see you again. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience.

Jen M.

Norwell, MA

Lori is truly wonderful! She took her time with me & immediately connected to the person in question I wanted to contact. She validated many facts, such as how the person passed & when. In addition, she was able to clear up a lot of confusion for me, helping me put things in perspective. This situation surrounding his death  was complicated to say the least. My time with Lori helped me realize forgiveness was an important step in the healing process. However, forgiveness comes with time & the ability to understand why. Lori helped me understand "why" & come to peace with the complicated circumstances surrounding his passing . I have also taken many of Lori's classes and have opened up to spirit in ways I never thought possible. Big Thank you & Hug to Lori!

Julie R.

Needham, MA

Thank you so much again for that incredible healing you did tonight for me. It really meant everything to me to have my dad communicate his feelings about me tonight.  I talked all the way home to him, forgiving him and trying to hear his words to me.

Mary W.

Easton, MA

Dear Lori, Thank you so much for my amazing reading yesterday. It was so evidential and truly a blessing in my life right now. I'm so glad I found your gift certificate when I was tiding up my office! Many blessings for the highest of the high spiritual weeks ahead.

Prue M.

Swampscott, MA

Hi Lori, Thank you so much again for such a powerful reading! I will be honest with you, since the reading I have a clearer picture and understanding........thank you so much for that. I will see you in a few months!

Shelly G.

Easton, MA

Hi Lori, I wanted to thank you again for the amazing session my daughter & I had with you yesterday!  We heard from so many of our loved ones and their messages were inspiring. I’m sure we will be back to see you in the future. Thank You again for sharing your gift with us.

Janet & Emily

Norwell, MA

I feel the butterfly kisses! Thanks so much for the enchanting evening with you and Liam messages from Heaven, truly wonderful to connect with Glo for her birthday and all the other favorite people in the world and in heaven! You have a special gift and share it with the world so well!

Beatrice W.

Hello from Heaven event feedback

Hi Lori, I'd like to start off with a heartfelt thank you. Your mediumship class was exactly the direction and focus I needed. With your guidance and support and support from our awesome group I was able to learn the tools to connect to my Spirit guides and love ones.  As an added bonus I was able to realize and make my passion for Animals a business.  You gave me the courage to go after my dreams. I wanted to reach out and say thanks for making a difference in my life are beautiful soul. I'm so blessed to call you a friend.

Chris N.

Franklin, MA

Hi Lori, Since I saw you a few months ago, there have been many positive things happen in my life. I am starting a new job next week, and my mother who has been living with me, will be moving into assisted living in 2 weeks which will be better for both of us. I can't thank you enough for your healing session that I feel changed my energy to facilitate these events. Love, light, and peace.

Shari P.

Quincy, MA

Lori, I have to tell you that one of my customers who lost her son went to see you and you changed her life.  She looks so great and said you were an angel to her and couldn't begin to thank you. God Bless.

Theresa B.

Stoughton, MA

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