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Angel Master

Mentorship Program

Now accepting applications for the 2018 program starting Sep 9!

Let the angels work miracles in your life! In this nine-month program you'll discover and strengthen your connection with God and the angels. Learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom and start co-creating your best life yet.


This transformative course covers everything from angel readings and intuitive healing sessions to working with crystals and conducting soul empowerment sessions. You'll receive personalized attention and feedback from Lori to help you reach your greatest potential and achieve your goals.


Live your best life with a little help from your angel friends. This course includes class exercises, monthly assignments, and powerful angel attunements that will strengthen your connection with the angelic realm and inspire spiritual growth. Upon completion students will be certified Angel Masters of Hope.

Course Overview

  • Soul Empowerment

  • Knowledge of Spirit & Angels

  • Heaven's Gate Attunement

  • Energetic Healing & Light Body Attunement

  • Archangel Tree of Life Attunement

  • Communicating with God & Angels

  • Manifesting Your Dreams

  • Psychic Development

  • Elevating Your Connection with Spirit

  • Intuitive Angel Readings

  • Power Healing with Heaven

  • Playing with Crystals & Grids

  • Past Life Energy Healing Sessions

  • Professional Ethics

  • Starting Your Business

  • Certification

Course Schedule

Meets first Sunday of every month for nine months, from 11am-4pm, starting September 09, 2018. Classes are held at Hope Ethereal in Norwell.

1. Sept 9

2. Oct 7

3. Nov 4

4. Dec 2

5. Jan 6

6. Feb 3

7. Mar 3

8. Apr 7

9. May 5


$1,099 ($89/month after payment of deposit). Non-refundable deposit of $299 required to hold spot. The deposit counts towards the total course fee of $1,099. Monthly payment plan available once deposit received.
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"I'm so glad I took this course with Lori. She creates and maintains a really loving and supportive atmosphere for her students. I had already been working with Angel Energy beforehand and this class helped me so much on becoming more familiar and better able to recognize the different types and to help me utilize it in ways that just didn't occur to me before. It's not about just reading cards in this class. There's so many ways that they can help us and Lori encourages her students to experiment with energy as well as teaching what she knows -- and she knows a lot."

-- Geraldine O'Donovan, Graduate

"This course gave me the knowledge of so many different kinds of angel healing and because of that I feel like a more well rounded lightworker. Lori's let's get down to business attitude mixed with her beautiful humor and support was just the right environment for me to learn and grow."

-- Teri Lynn, Graduate

"Lori's Angel Master Certification class has changed my life in so many ways and will change yours too. I gained knowledge and answers to life long questions. Her class enables you to heal others in so many ways. You learn to let go and trust the divine guidance you receive for readings and healings. A class can't be much better than this -- an Earth Angel teaching an Angel Class!"

-- Rose, Graduate

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