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The New Energy Paradigm. An Evening with DZAR

Workshop Fee $35

Thursday, May 18, 7-9pm

Hope Ethereal

The New Energy Paradigm…have you felt the change?

Have you felt the change in the energy you connect or work with? Do you feel limited by old stories and paradigms that are holding you back? Are you ready to take your connection to Energy to the next level?

Then join us for this a powerful evening with DZAR in which you’ll…

• learn about the shift in energies for healing and personal change that is occurring
• experience a powerful energy transmission from DZAR that will open you to a new level of energetic connection
• understand how your stories affect your connection to energy
• enhance your connection to energy to improve your results
• begin the clear the blocks that are restricting your connection to energy
• be able to ask questions directly of DZAR about the Energy you work with

This evening is for
• healers & energy workers
• anyone on a spiritual path who connects with energy

Join us for an exploration of your stories as you experience a direct frequency transmission from DZAR, a compassionate Energy from Source, here to free us from the burdens of our past so that we can experience more of our Light, Beauty and Wholeness.

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