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Workshop $100

Sunday, Oct 22, 11am-4pm
Hope Ethereal

Expand and strengthen your mediumship by working through the chakras!

Hope Ethereal is excited to host international medium and Spiritualist Reverend Oshada for this innovative one-day workshop exploring mediumship and your chakras by using the "Clairs" for mediumship. Participants will look at each of the major chakras and see the condition that they are in, clearing any emotional or psychic debris. Oshada will provide individual attention, encouraging participants to use multiple mediumship senses for exploring their chakras and expanding their mediumship.

As mediums we use the "Clairs" in our spiritual work. We use clear seeing or spiritual sight in clairvoyance. We use clear hearing when we demonstrate clairaudience. We use a heightened spiritual perception of smell in clairalience. We may even enjoy the ability of clairgustance to taste impressions sent from the spirit world! Some of us experience mediumship through clear-knowing in which the spirits influence our third eye and crown chakras to receive clear thoughts.

The chakras are a part of our spiritual body. Our chakras enhance our experience of life as well as heighten our spiritual senses. We have many senses but often limit our mediumship to one or two of the “Clairs.” We can grow as mediums by making a conscious effort to expand our consciousness and practice. As a result of this workshop you will be able to develop more of your abilities and enhance your mediumship.

About Oshada

Oshada is a Certified Medium and Commissioned Healer through the Spiritualist Churches. She have been serving the public, both through the Spiritualist Community and through her private practice, since 1980. She has worked in England, Wales Norway and Sweden doing workshops as well as public and private mediumship readings, and healing sessions. She has taught classes and seminars in spirituality and mediumship. She trains mediums and teaches Development Circles for Spiritualist Churches and at her office in Acton, Ma. Oshada does public demonstrations at Spiritualist Churches throughout the year.

Exploring mediumship & the chakras

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