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5 Ways to Expand Your Clairvoyance

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Are you clairvoyant? If you are scratching your head wondering what that means, simply put, clairvoyance means “clear seeing.” When someone says they are clairvoyant they are saying they see pictures in the mind’s eye or the third eye, located in the center of the forehead, just above the brow.

If you’re intuitive or psychic, you may have vivid dreams or even premonitions that have come true. And if you’re mediumistic, you may have seen loved ones on the other-side visit you in a dream or in meditation. Although it is possible to see “spirit” with the physical eye, most of the time when we experience clairvoyance it is internal, or in the mind’s eye.

I’m often asked by those who are interested in exploring their psychic and mediumship senses how they can open the mind’s eye and “see more.” If you would like to deepen your clairvoyance, here are some simple things you can try at home.

Guided Meditation: Guided meditations are a wonderful way to open the third eye and to begin to see more. During the meditation allow yourself to vividly experience the guided imagery in your mind. Try not to think or question what you are getting, but rather relax and enjoy the experience. Notice the colors and the pictures, and simply surrender. The more you let go, the more you’ll receive. You can also try visualizing your third eye opening, such as seeing a large eyelid opening and set the intention to breath into the clairvoyance and to “see more.” YouTube is a wonderful resource for free guided meditations that are perfect for beginners.

Notice the Details: If you want to see more, you will want to start “seeing” more everywhere you go. If you are a spirit medium, then you may be striving to see more and with greater clarity. One technique to do this is to start paying attention to the smallest details in your daily life. When you enter a room start to notice the details. Is there paint on the wall? If so, what color? What is the room used for? Is there a picture hanging on the wall? If so, what is in the picture. The more focused we are on the small things, the more detailed our clairvoyant images will become. For beginners, you might also try visualizing a room in your home with your eyes closed. What details do you see?

Pay Attention to Your Dreams: Dreams can be a powerful tool to receive guidance whether from the soul, the subconscious mind, or perhaps even from the spirit world. The simple act of starting a dream journal can help to set the intention that you want to remember and pay attention to your dreams. Then, start journaling the imagery and experiences you receive. You may also want to look into purchasing a dream dictionary. This can be another great resource to help you better understand the images you are receiving and their meaning. And this in turn, can become symbolic imagery if you’re working on a psychic level or with the spirit world. If you would like to have a visit from a loved one in the spirit world try inviting them to visit you in your dreams.

Start a Symbols Dictionary: A symbols dictionary is a wonderful way to start recording the common images you receive intuitively or even with your mediumship. For example, when you see an “apple” what does that mean to you? For me, it would mean a teacher. If that was not understood by the client, it might also literally mean someone who loved apples. Another example for me is a nurse’s cap. Anytime I see this symbol I know there is a connection to health care. It could be a nurse, doctor, or someone working in the healthcare field. It could also mean healing is being sent to someone at this time. Those are some of my symbols, what are some of yours?

Make it A Game: Try to use your clairvoyance in fun ways throughout your day. For example, your phone rings, before answering it, try to “see” in your mind’s eye a name or the face of the person who is calling you. If you are driving home from work, you might try to “see” what the quickest route will be to avoid traffic. You can also try exploring oracle cards and tarot cards, noticing what images “pop” out to you in the cards and letting them intuitively speak to you or predict your day. You might also start to pay attention to color, as this can be another way to receive information. For example, if I see a red “stop” sign in my mind’s eye, that may be a warning to pause or look for another opportunity before moving forward. While, if I see a green light, I might take that as a thumbs up to proceed and move forward.

Exploring your clairvoyance can be a wonderful way to open the door to more intuitive and mediumistic communication. I like to think the “signs,” and perhaps messages from our loved ones in spirit, are all around us. It is just up to us to start noticing the gentle nudges, “hello’s”, and validations of their loving presence.

In the beginning it is normal to doubt or second guess yourself. I would encourage you to keep a journal of your experiences to notice if there are any trends or commonalities in the pictures you receive. Messages should always be from a place of love, and I often look for repetition of similar signs and images as another form of validation.

But generally, learning to trust ourselves, the pictures we receive, and our relationship with spirit, is something that continues to unfold. And for those who are striving to bring more clarity and practical evidence to their mediumship, clairvoyance can be a wonderful way to bring loved ones in the spirit world to life, with shared memories, unique habits or physical features, photographs, talents, and even objects of personal meaning that may have been handed down. So have fun exploring and remember to trust what you get, as this trust is the foundation of a beautiful partnership with spirit.

Lori Sheridan is a professional psychic medium and the owner of Hope Ethereal, a spiritual center dedicated to inspiring hope, healing, and a deeper connection with spirit located in Norwell, Massachusetts. Lori is excited to offer several mediumship mentorship programs starting this fall, as well as workshops on Angels, Meditation, and unlocking your intuition. Learn more at

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