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The Continual Unfoldment of Your Mediumship

I believe the journey of mediumship is a sacred practice and something we can continue to explore, unfold, and discover throughout our lives. Our relationship with spirit, our understanding of mediumship and even the spirit world may ebb and flow as the potential to continually learn and grow may only be limited by the limitations we place upon ourselves.

That said, for many on this path, the call to be of service may come at any time. And although it may not always be an easy path or one understood by others, it can be both incredibly humbling and rewarding, as we share in the healing experience that is possible through mediumship.

If you find yourself questioning if you are a medium, or perhaps you are wondering, “What next? How do I grow?” This blog is dedicated to you. While I certainly don’t have all of the answers, I’m hopeful these simple truths that have helped me along the way, may in turn, help you as well.

Dedicate your mediumship to service. When we begin to realize what a sacred act it is to be of service to God and the eternal spirit, things begin to shift for the positive. When we begin to believe in ourselves and listen to the calling of the soul things begin to shift. It’s that simple. Instead of trying to “control” what you manifest and how you will receive guidance from the spirit world and what your mediumship will look like, consider practicing the intention of surrendering to the flow of divine guidance and acting in harmony with the wisdom of the soul. When we surrender, all things of the spirit begin to flow.

Love is the key ingredient. In the beginning of the mediumship journey it’s normal to doubt or question yourself. In my experience, when I practice surrendering and focus on the intention of love, that’s when the magic happens. One of my first readings was for a mother who had lost her son tragically. I remember being so nervous and wasn’t sure if I would be able to help her. I learned the power of love that day as her son, so beautifully validated his presence and shared messages of love and comfort. This was not something I could have ever done alone, but when I surrendered and let the love of spirit lead, the miracle happened. Simply put, focus your intention on love and to be of service. The spirit world will take care of the rest.

Take every opportunity to serve. I can remember being so nervous for my first reading, giving messages at my first church service, and my first public demonstration. My biggest lesson from all of these “firsts” was to trust that the spirit world would be there for me every time I served. Of course, not every “first” will go perfectly but perhaps just the act of trusting and putting yourself out there is success. The more we begin to trust in our relationship with spirit, to see the divine hand of God in all that we do, perhaps the more opportunities to be of service we will embrace. So ultimately, if the door opens and the opportunity feels right, I encourage you to trust and take those leaps of faith – the spirit world will never let you down.

Don’t take “No” personally. Every medium knows what it feels like to hear the dreaded words “No. I don’t understand.” At first, we cringe with pain, we doubt ourselves, but over time, as your confidence grows and you trust in your relationship with spirit, something quite spectacular begins to happen. You begin to trust what you get even if the sitter responds, “No.” You begin to realize that perhaps the “No” isn’t the enemy or something to fear, but rather just a word to let you know, check again or move forward. In my experience, some of the most challenging readings I’ve ever done have been for clients with perhaps the greatest need to feel the presence of their loved one just one more time.

Spiritual unfoldment never ends. One of my favorite things about the journey of mediumship is that it never ends. Our understanding, our potential to learn, to grow is continuous. Just like the journey of the eternal soul, we can continue to strive to be better every day in life, and to continuously work on various aspects of our mediumship. That said, some days will be easier than others, some readings will go better than others, but with every day there is an opportunity to reflect, to learn, to grow, and to simply set the intention to be the best medium you can in service.

Lori Sheridan is a professional psychic medium and the owner of Hope Ethereal, a spiritual center dedicated to inspiring hope, healing, and a deeper connection with spirit located in Norwell, Massachusetts. Lori is excited to offer several mediumship mentorship programs starting this fall, as well as workshops on Angels, Meditation, and unlocking your intuition. Learn more at

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