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Leaps of Faith

Accessing Your Spiritual Toolbox

Like everyone, I have made many leaps of faith in my life and in my spiritual work. One of the toughest decisions I made some 10 years ago was whether I was ready to take a leap and leave my secure 9-to-5 job in the nonprofit sector to pursue my dream of helping others as a spiritual psychic medium fulltime.

I can remember many sleepless nights as I prayed for guidance, asking God to provide clarity on my path. How was I meant to serve? In my heart I knew I wanted to leap but I was afraid. What if I wasn’t good enough? Would I be able to support my family? Was I just crazy?

Eventually the calling of my soul grew louder, and I took the leap but what most people don’t know is that it didn’t happen overnight. Before I transitioned to working as a fulltime spiritual psychic medium I spent years taking classes, doing free practice readings, and then gradually working a second job at night and on the weekends as a psychic medium.

After years of juggling my day job and spiritual work, when the opportunity to leap appeared I went for it! I’d love to say that everything was easy from that point on but like everything, it was simply a new beginning. And just like a crocus that pokes its head out each spring to bloom, it was my turn to grow and take this next step.

I share this story because so often when we are faced with big decisions, we find ourselves at a crossroads and wonder what next? Whether it be taking courageous leaps in our relationships, work, or something else, the answers we seek can often be found within although they may require a little faith on our part as we step into new beginnings.

Looking back at this life-changing leap I have reflected on some of the tools I discovered in my spiritual toolbox. These tools aren’t unique to me as I believe each of us can access these at any given time and in our own way. I share these simple thoughts in the hope that it may ring true and perhaps even be helpful to someone reading this today: Tools in Your Spiritual Toolbox:

1) The Power of Prayer: For me, my go-to for any guidance is always prayer. I don’t say formal prayers that follow a specific script but rather I try to talk with God how I would talk to a close friend. I simply acknowledge my fears, hopes, and dreams and ask for guidance. God, how am I meant to serve? What is my next step? And then I try to sit quietly and listen. I’ve also found that writing my prayers from my heart on paper and then surrendering them to God can be a powerful tool to “let go and let God” gently take the wheel.

2) Listen with Your Heart: I have found that we can listen in many ways. If we try to quiet the mind we may hear a gentle whisper of the soul, guiding and nudging us in a certain direction. Sometimes the listening comes in external validations from friends, family, and colleagues. And yet, at other times, it may take the form of signs and synchronicities, things just falling into place. Over the years I’ve begun to think that perhaps God is constantly supporting us and sending us encouragement but it’s up to us to recognize the winks from heaven.

3) Be Patient: This is something I appear to constantly be working on. In our fast-paced world we are often under the illusion that answers must be given overnight or in the moment. And while in some cases this may be true, I have found that giving things time to simmer can have wonderful results. It may sound strange but sometimes it seems as though the answer simply rises to the surface from within. Perhaps the answers we seek are also given in divine timing, maybe pauses and delays are actually blessings as we learn to trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant to.

4) Keep the Faith: I know how scary it can be to make big changes but ultimately, I believe we must trust in ourselves and in the guidance we have received. Sometimes taking small steps towards our goals daily can have big results. When I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I try to remind myself of all the challenges and obstacles I’ve already survived and overcome. It also reminds me that perhaps there is a greater force working in our lives and although we can’t always see it, that there is indeed a spiritual safety net that guides and supports us always, and that is our relationship with God.

5) Embrace New Beginnings: So, you’ve taken the leap and now you’re scratching your head thinking, “Now what?” I remember the feeling of floating on cloud 9 when I started doing my spiritual work fulltime. It was such a gift, but this new life came with new challenges, new lessons, and new opportunities to stretch myself and grow. I am constantly reminded that with every choice we make, there is always the opportunity to keep learning and to keep striving to be our best selves. It’s OK to make changes after you leap, to try something and decide it’s not for you, and to simply embrace each moment for what it is – a magical opportunity.

Rev. Lori Sheridan is a professional psychic medium who has dedicated her life to serving Spirit and helping others make healing connections through mediumship. As an evidential medium Lori strives to bridge the gap between this world and the next with integrity, clarity, and compassion. She is the founder of Hope Ethereal, a spiritual center in Massachusetts where she enjoys seeing clients and teaching mediumship. She believes love, like life, is eternal. Learn more at>

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