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A Crazy Little Thing Called Life

I recently enjoyed a special treat, the rare opportunity to sneak away – without the kids -- and watch an adult movie. Not that kind of movie, but when you have young kids, any movie that is not a cartoon is considered an adult movie. I ended up seeing Bohemian Rhapsody and left the theater feeling inspired.

I got to thinking about what it might have been like to be Freddie Mercury and to live the life of a “rock star.” And like his song We are the Champions suggests, I imagine his life was no bed of roses. He inspired many with his music to keep getting up in the face of adversity, and his life inspired me to reflect upon some of the qualities that helped to shape his legacy, a beautiful rhapsody for life.

1. Seize your opportunity. In the movie Freddie took a leap of faith and introduced himself to a no-name band that had just lost its lead singer. Despite being reportedly shy and reserved in real life, he wasn’t afraid to tell the other band members why they should pick him to be their lead singer. Right there, on the spot, he sang a few notes, and the rest is history. He had the courage to seize his moment.

2. Believe in yourself. Freddie Mercury wasn’t born a rock star. He was born Farrokh Bulsara of Parsi descent on Zanzibar, and grew up there and in India before moving to England with his family. He experienced prejudice because of his heritage, was often made fun of for his pronounced overbite, and for many years hid his sexuality from the public eye. Part of what makes Freddie’s journey inspiring is that he wasn’t playing music to “fit in,” in fact he was making music to speak to the misfits, to everyone who has ever felt different.

3. Take risks. After a successful first album Freddie and members of Queen were being pushed by their record label to produce a formulaic second album for ensured success. Instead, throughout his music career and life, Freddie continually pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable. Lucky for us, Freddie and the band ignored the recommendations of the music label and released hit singles that broke musical boundaries such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We are the Champions.” These leaps of faith ultimately paid off for the band and music lovers around the world. In 2001 the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

4. Strive to have good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. This was a reoccurring mantra that Freddie’s father repeated to him throughout his life. I think it speaks for itself and ultimately for Freddie’s legacy. May we each have the courage to play our own music, to be our own person, and to do this with good in our hearts.

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