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11 Ways to Nurture Your Soul During Challenging Times

How are you doing? If you're like me, you may be wondering how did we get here and what new challenges will we face in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Life as I knew it has completely changed. My husband who worked in the restaurant industry is now unemployed. My two beautiful school-aged boys are home for the time being. And anytime you are lucky enough to find a package of toilet paper at the grocery store you say a silent prayer, "Thank you, God." Together, my husband and I are learning to navigate this new normal. We are wondering, like many Americans, how long will this last? How can we stretch our resources to continue to make ends meet? How can we be supportive of our family and friends, as well as our community? And the list goes on, and on ...

Despite worries about the future, the changes we've experienced haven't been all bad. I am enjoying the extra time with my family. My husband who usually works nights, is now busy during the day finding home improvement projects for everyone. These mostly entail cleaning and organizing, but I must admit, I can now see the floor of my closet and the boy’s playroom is looking pretty good for the moment. I’m also enjoying game nights and getting outside for more walks, and I know our beagle Brooklyn Rose is super happy about that.

However, in this time of uncertainty, I am finding the need to check-in with myself daily on a spiritual level for reassurance. And although I certainly don't have all the answers and I'm not a spiritual guru or a medical expert, I have pulled together a list of healing and perhaps coping strategies that are helping me at this time. And it is my sincere hope, that someone reading this today, may also find some aspect of upliftment and encouragement that may help them in the days and weeks to come.

And so, here is a list of 11 things that I hope will help nurture your soul:

  1. Meditation & Prayer: Taking time to pray and to listen to the quiet reassurance found from going within and connecting with God. No matter what’s going on outside we are always loved and supported in our connection with Source and in our daily lives.

  2. Spend Time in Nature: Get outside. Enjoy the fresh air. Walking and feeling connected to Mother Earth can be grounding and healing. A walking meditation is a great way to energize the soul.

  3. Eat Healthy: It sounds like common sense, and maybe it is, but continuing to be mindful about the kind of food we put into our bodies is helpful, as everything we eat is energy and contributes to our overall well-being.

  4. Start Your Day in Gratitude: Finding little things to be grateful for each day can elevate our mood and our thoughts overall. You may consider starting a gratitude jar or journal to remind you of all the blessings, big and small, in your life.

  5. Be Mindful: Pay attention to what you tell yourself. Where is your energy going? Thoughts are powerful. If you catch yourself in a place of anxiety or negativity, try catching the thought, surrendering it to God for healing, and replacing a negative thought with a positive thought.

  6. We are all Connected: Even though we may feel alone during this time, please be assured that God and the spirit world are all around us, constantly sending us love, support and reassurance. And as a country and a member of a global community, it’s comforting to know that so many are putting their energy into finding healing solutions for our world.

  7. Create a God Box: I love writing down my fears, things I’m worried about, and my prayers for family and friends. Once I’ve written these things down, I can put them in my God box and trust that God has it covered. Everything is revealed and answered in divine timing.

  8. Reflect on Your Life: OK. So maybe this one sounds too big. But really, with some extra time on our hands, perhaps it's an opportunity to reflect on where we are, what’s working, and how we might choose to spend our time in the future. I know that making more time for my family and getting outdoors for walks will continue to be a priority for me.

  9. Clean House: Everything in our home contributes to the overall energetic vibe and in some ways, may be a reflection of our minds and mental well-being. I know that whenever I clean or let go of things that no longer serve me or my family, it physically and emotionally feels better. You may also look at work, relationships, and other aspects of your life that may need some energetic "freshening up" so to speak.

  10. Try Something New: If you’re anything like me there may be a list of things you’re interested in but maybe haven’t had the time to explore. This is a great time to read up on different things, learn about something new, and take advantage of free samples of services, virtual tours, and classes online. Many museums are offering free virtual tours, Oprah and Deepak Chopra have paired up offering free meditation classes online, and Yale University is offering one of its most popular courses for free titled “The Science of Well-being.”

  11. Don’t Give Up: No matter where you find yourself, or what you’re going through, please remember that you are loved, and these challenging times will eventually pass. There is always hope. That said, if you need help, please don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are several nonprofits offering support services to individuals and families in need including United Way, American Red Cross, Greater Boston Foodbank and many more. If we can all make an effort to be more mindful and compassionate at this time, thinking about ways we can give back or help someone in need, we can make a difference in our communities. Every little bit counts!

Lori Sheridan is a professional psychic medium. She has established Hope Ethereal, a center for spiritual, psychic and mediumship development. Educational programs are offered year-round to inspire hope and a deeper connection with the spirit world. These programs include monthly meditation and reiki shares, psychic and mediumship development workshops and private one-to-one sessions to connect with loved ones who have passed and gain clarity on your spiritual journey. Learn More.

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